Code Of Ethics

(CSR) is defined as the integration of business operations and values, whereby the interests of all stakeholders including customers, shareholders, employees, the community and the environment are being embedded in the company’s policies and actions. CSR is defined in the three pillars of sustainability which are Economic, Social and Environmental. These three pillars and their contents flow throughout this CSR report.

Code OF Ethics

What is CSR to Gr33n Group?

Corporate & Social Responsibility

(CSR) is defined as the integration of business operations and values, whereby the interests of all stakeholders including customers, shareholders, employees, the community and the environment are being embedded in the company’s policies and actions. CSR is defined in the three pillars of sustainability which are Economic, Social and Environmental. These three pillars and their contents flow throughout this CSR report

Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR) is the continuing commitment by our business to behave ethically and through our actions, operations, products and services. We contribute to the three pillars of sustainability such as economic development, whilst also integrating social and environmental concerns. Gr33n Group is also part of the local community where we have our offices and factory. We therefore need to ensure our actions benefit the community as much as possible.

At Gr33n Group, we recognise these responsibilities and are making sure the requirements of the three pillars of sustainability will be within our company.

Who is Gr33n Group?

Gr33n Group are a renewable energy solutions company that work within the local community. Most of our energy saving solutions are government funded. We undertake our obligations to meet the customers requirements in a way that achieves best value for money and energy saving products.

General Principles

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Our reputation is based on integrity and the respect of laws and regulations. It is or personal responsibility to know the laws, regulations and requirements relating to our job. Any breach of these laws may lead to civil and criminal prosecution. Activities which could involve the company in unlawful practices are prohibited.

Commitment to Integrity

The Code of Ethics is the foundation stone of the Gr33n Group Integrity Program. Its purpose is to define principles helping each of us to uphold our commitment to integrity in our daily work. Many of our activities are not governed by laws or regulations, in which case the principle of integrity must govern our conduct. It is our personal responsibility to apply this principle at all times. No performance objectives should be imposed or accepted if they can only be achieved by compromising our ethical standards.

Seeking guidance and reporting concerns

The Code of Ethics cannot cover every situation that we may face within our everyday role. We may find ourselves faced with a dilemma that we are not sure how to resolve. There are a number of ways that we can seek advice and support. We can contact our immediate manager, someone else in our management structure, or our Human resources department. We must not let any concerns go unresolved. No reprisal will be tolerated against employees making such a good report in good faith.

Business Relationships


We are committed to treating all our customers honestly and fairly, honouring our contractual commitments at all times. We must provide our customers with high-quality products and services that meet their expectations. Quality and safety are core values for Gr33n Group and we must comply with all control standards, including applicable laws and regulations as well as internal control procedures ensuring high-quality products are delivered to our customers.


Suppliers deliver an important part of the value of our products and play an important role in customer satisfaction. We must promote ethical relationships with our suppliers and make sure that they are treated fairly and equally. In the selection of goods and services account must be taken of price, quality, performance, delivery and suitability.

Fair competition

We must always behave ethically when competing for customers’ business and when placing business with suppliers. Honesty and integrity clearly apply to our dealings with both customers and suppliers. This is especially true in the development phase of new business and in the negotiation phase of contracts. We must always comply with competition, antitrust and anti-corruption laws. We strictly adhere to the principles of the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions as well as the United Nations Convention Against Corruption. It is our collective and individual responsibility to never engage Gr33n Group in any form of corruption, whether public or private.

Business advisors

We must never hire someone else to do anything that we cannot ethically or legally do ourselves. Engaging a third-party to indirectly make an improper payment violates anti-corruption laws. The selection of business advisors is guided by strict internal procedures.

Gifts and hospitality

Gr33n Group aims to ensure that any business decision made by us, our customers, suppliers or other business partners is solely based on relevant criteria, such as competitiveness, performance and quality of products and services offered. Business courtesies, such as gifts and hospitality, given to or received from customers, suppliers or other business partners must reflect a normal courtesy of business and may not influence, or give the appearance of influencing, any business decision. Gifts and hospitality must not be given or received with a corrupt purpose anywhere in the world. Reasonable behaviour, common sense and prudence should always guide us in these situations and it is our duty to always comply with our internal procedures as well as with the laws and regulations of the UK. Gifts in cash or any lavish hospitality are never permitted.

Money laundering

Money laundering is the faking of the origin of money coming from criminal activities. In compliance with all laws related to this matter, Gr33n Group is committed to conducting business with reputable partners. All of us must be cautious with the way payments are made to detect any irregularities with partners who demonstrate suspicious behaviours in their operations.

Facilitation payments

Facilitation payments are small unofficial payments to low-level public officials to speed up or obtain routine administrative processes. Gr33n Group prohibits such facilitation payments in any country where we operate.

Conflicts of interest

All of us as employees are required to avoid conflicts of interest between our obligations to Gr33n Group and our personal affairs. Any relationship or activity which could or would influence, or appear to influence, performance of our duties to Gr33n Group must be disclosed to the manager.


Sponsorship is part of the marketing and communication strategy. It is authorised in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Decisions to engage the company in any sponsorship is subject to prior approval of Gr33n Group and must be properly recorded.

Our People

Health & Safety

Gr33n Group is committed to pursuing the highest health and safety standards in the workplace. Gr33n Group endeavours to implement the necessary programmes, training and internal controls to consistently promote safe work practices. We must familiarise ourselves with, and follow, health and safety policies and procedures set up within Gr33n Group.

Security of employees

Gr33n Group does its utmost to protect its employees, wherever they are working. Gr33n Group informs people of risks and sets out internal procedures to be followed, such as in the event of unstable political situations, criminal acts or health matters. We must be aware of updated information delivered by Gr33n Group particularly with regards to business travel.

Treating each other with respect

Our responsibility is to treat others with respect. Gr33n Group aims to create an environment where employees feel comfortable to voice their opinions in a professional and constructive way. Gr33n Group does not tolerate any form of humiliation, harassment - sexual, physical or psychological –, coercion, bullying or other offensive conduct. All of us are required to comply with all laws and regulations forbidding any discrimination.

Equal opportunity and diversity

Green Ltd believes that diversity strengthens the company and seeks to recognise and value the differences between employees by building teams that reflect the markets and communities in which it operates. The recruitment process is exclusively based on the applicant’s experience, qualifications and skills, with remuneration solely determined on the basis of the contribution to the company.

Career management

Gr33n Group aims to promote personal development. One of the key tools to facilitate development is regular face-to-face interviews with our manager. These interviews help focus on required skills, achievements, development plan and career paths according to individual needs and aspirations, as well as business requirements. Training and collaborative ways of working also contribute to this process.

Social relations

Gr33n Group respects the right of all of us to form and join trade unions and workers’ organisations to organise and bargain collectively. Gr33n Group respects the role and responsibilities of the social partners and commits to communicating and negotiating openly to address issues of collective interest.

Data privacy

Access to personal data shall be limited to those whose function and responsibility necessitates the handling of personal data. Gr33n Group does not communicate personal information to third parties, except to the extent necessary and allowed by applicable laws and regulations.

Protecting Assetts & Information

Protecting Gr33n Group's and third-party assets

We should do our utmost to protect the company’s assets. Gr33n Group’s assets must not be used for illegal purposes or for purposes not related to the company’s activities. We should not appropriate any company’s assets for our own use or make them available to others for non-Gr33n Group use. In the course of doing business with Gr33n Group, our customers, suppliers and other partners may entrust the company with confidential and proprietary information. To be a trustworthy business partner, we must handle third-party information with the same care as we take with company information, and cannot disclose it to any unauthorised persons.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property rights, which include patents, know-how, trade secrets, trademarks, domain names, industrial designs and copyrights, are one of Gr33n Group’s most valuable assets and must be protected by law, whenever possible. All of us have a duty to safeguard these assets. We must also respect the intellectual property rights of third parties. We should never infringe on the intellectual property rights of others, including by violating copyrights or downloading software without permission of the owner.

Maintaining accurate records

Gr33n Group, our shareholders and business partners rely on the accuracy of the information contained in our business records. We therefore have a responsibility to ensure that the information we provide is accurate.

This applies to all of our business records, including expense reports, contract documentation and time records. In maintaining our financial records, we must follow internal control procedures. We may not create or participate in the creation of records that are intended to mislead or conceal any improper activity. This means, in part, that we must never make false, misleading or unrecorded entries.

We are expected to maintain company documents in accordance with any records retention legal requirements and internal procedures. Consult a dedicated focal point or a manager with questions to how long you should retain a document or how to destroy it properly.

Avoiding insider trading

Many countries have enacted insider trading laws. In line with these laws, we may not buy or sell the stock of any company while in possession of inside or privileged information about that company. This rule applies to the stock of our shareholders, as well as the stock of our customers, suppliers and partners listed on a public stock exchange. In addition, we must not disclose any inside or privileged information to anyone, including co-workers, family members or friends.

Communication and relations with the media

Media relations are the responsibility of the Communications Directorate. Unless approved in advance by the company, no Gr33n Group employee is authorised to represent Gr33n Group, express opinions or statements or to issue any information on behalf of the company to the media. This applies to all forms of communication media including internet social networking platforms e.g. social forum web sites, blogs or chat rooms. All Gr33n Group material for media distribution shall be validated through the Communications Directorate and, where appropriate, the Legal Directorate. This material shall be compliant with the Gr33n Group graphic standards and be retained on record.

A Socially Responsible Company


Gr33n Group has a responsibility to our global community to protect the environment. We must promote eco-efficiency in all of our business activities by striving to reduce the overall Gr33n Group carbon and global environmental footprint. Environmental protection and eco-efficiency will be conducted within the framework of Sustainable Development and supported by Sustainable Procurement practices. In addition, we must comply with all applicable laws and regulations wherever we do business. Lastly, all of us as employees are encouraged to contribute to this collective effort and more generally to adopt individual environment-friendly behaviours.


Donations to public-interest or private organisations on behalf of Gr33n Group may be permitted in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Decisions to engage the company in any donations to our communities or charities is subject to prior approval of Gr33n Group and must be properly recorded.

Political contributions and activity

Political contributions are often subject to national laws and vary from country to country. Gr33n Group’s policy is not to make contributions, financial or in kind, to political parties or organisations, or to individual politicians. Gr33n Group respects the rights of its employees to participate as individuals in their community and civic affairs. This must be done at a personal level or through a Political Action Committee when permitted by law (such as in the US), in their own time and at their own expense, consistent with applicable laws. Employees need to carefully separate their own political activities from Gr33n Group activities and avoid any conflict of interest.



The Code of Ethics applies to everyone within the company. All employees are expected to assume responsibility for performing their duties with fairness and integrity, to have an understanding of the Code of Ethics and to refer to it regularly, to have a detailed knowledge of those of its provisions that apply specifically to their job and to consult their manager if in doubt.

Manager responsibility

Gr33n Group managers have additional responsibilities that go beyond complying with the Code. They are expected to lead by example and to demonstrate adherence to the Code at all times. Managers are expected to promote Gr33n Group ethical standards and effectively communicate or make available the Code’s principles, as well as relevant policies and procedures that apply to their job areas, to all those who report to them. They should also be prepared to answer questions about the Code and create a comfortable working climate in which employees feel encouraged to bring forth questions or concerns.

Awareness and training

The Code of Ethics is distributed to all employees and available on the MBDA intranet site. It is also published on the MBDA internet site for our stakeholders. The Code of Ethics is promoted via the MBDA Integrity Programme and training as well as e-learning modules focused on the key principles of the Code are available for employees who need it to carry out their responsibilities. In addition, employees have access to the Ethics and Compliance section on the intranet site where they can find additional guidelines.

Consequences of violations of Gr33n Group policies and procedures

All employees are responsible for ensuring that their conduct and that of those reporting to them fully complies with the Code of Ethics. Violation of the Code may have severe and lasting consequences on Gr33n Group’s reputation, business relations and financial situation.

Please Note:

The Code of Ethics serves as a guide to our standards and is implemented through policies and procedures. All employees must refer to the policies and procedures relevant to their responsibilities, which are available in the Gr33n Group Business Management System


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