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Make charging your eco-friendly car simpler, safer and up to 60% faster with our home charging points, and charge your car during off-peak hours to save money on the cost of your daily commute.

Why should I get a charging point at home?

It is true that and EV can be charged using a conventional electric socket in the home, but due to the amount of current the EV pulls in order to charge there’s a risk that your socket, or even your circuit at home, won’t take the load. And as it’s more convenient and cheaper to charge your EV as you sleep at night, there are serious safety implications if the socket overheats and catches fire.

Quite simply, it’s not worth the risk.

Not only is a home charging point safer, but due to the growing popularity of EV's on the roads today, some energy companies provide specialised energy tariffs designed to save on the cost of recharging your vehicle at home at peak times. So now it’s more affordable than ever to own and run a car without being held ransom to unstable and inconsistent global oil prices.

You can even monitor your energy usage and carbon footprint using `smart` meters for full control of your energy consumption.

And consider how much more you could save if you’re energy was created using a renewable energy source like solar PV. Not to mentioned your reduced CO2 emissions.

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